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Postcard Project: Freeze For Frieze, Moncler & RCA, London, 2016

The RCA Postcard Project ‘Freeze For Frieze.’

French–Italian fashion brand Moncler, known for its luxury outerwear, partnered with the RCA to present Moncler Freeze for Frieze, with all proceeds donated to RCA scholarships in the School of Material. 

The exhibition of 400 postcard-sized artworks, by renowned RCA alumni and current students alongside prestigious artists, fashion designers and cultural icons from the worlds of pop culture, music and design, was timed to attract collectors in town for the Frieze art fair.

In keeping with Moncler’s aim to support the creativity of tomorrow, they have asked participants to donate a piece of their artwork in postcard format. The identities of the artists, designers and friends who’ve donated their work to this excellent cause will be revealed to the buyer after purchase via a reveal card.

Moncler Freeze for Frieze is guest curated by renowned journalist Tim Blanks. Blanks has long admired the RCA Secret project, saying it has ‘always been a thing of wonder to me. It’s such a fabulous metaphor for the randomness of life.’ The thinking behind ‘Freeze for Frieze’ is that, just as art can represent life and artists can immortalise moments in their creations, Moncler wishes to ‘freeze’ the moments depicted on the postcards thereby making them immortal.

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