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Exu's, Orisha Spirits

“In the north of Brazil, you can find many artefacts used in rituals, one of which is a Devil (Exu, pron. Eshu) who is one of the Orishas or deities used in Candomble, originating in African culture (Yoruba). It represents ‘communication’. The Exu is an irascible character and can do good but can also provoke disasters and strife between the people who ignore him. He is human in the sense of being fickle – as the word on the street goes, he is a child. So, also to me, these ‘Devils’ are ‘Children’ (in many cultures called ‘little devils’). Making them large from cardboard I wanted them to speak loud, be confrontational, telling the uncomfortable truth. As children they are spontaneous and impulsive” — © MV

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