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Guggenheim, New York

Rotunda Project, 2009: The Idol Tower

"...The Idol-Tower will be built to celebrate Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum’s 50th anniversary. It will be erected in the centre of the rotunda and consist of a façade with windows wrapped around 40 rooms that are each designed by a selection of Philosophers, Artists, Writers and Architects. They will dedicate these rooms to a person, who inspired them   or affected their lives most.


The Tower will be build entirely out of light materials such as: board, cardboard, card and paper, lit from within and inside the rooms. These can be viewed from the balconies at every level of the museum. From every room sounds can be heard, i.e. voices, music, machines etc.


As an example Sylvia Libedinsky designed a room for Fibonacci, who calculated a mathematical formula for the spiral. In the Guggenheim Museum, being a supreme example of Frank Lloyd Wright’s preoccupation with the spiral as found in nature like nautilus shells, this room is central to the whole concept of the Idol-Tower."

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